The Victor Garza Institute of Public Affairs Civil Service Interhship

The Victor Garza Public Affairs will admit eight paid interns to participate in it's four-week summer public service internship program. VGI is looking for driven, innovative candidates that are seeking to acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to lend their voice to the future of our community.

The Public Affairs Service Internship program includes a leadership development component where interns learn the importance and benefits of embracing a mindset and developing habits as youth that are conducive to lifelong success. This internship will explore theories of human behavior, personal development, crisis intervention, health and wellness, financial literacy, and topics related to each intern’s field of study. The internship also includes a speaker series, tours to major companies, and opportunities to volunteer in the community.


Dates of Service: July 17, 2017 - August 10, 2017
Hours: 24-hours weekly

CONXION will be the liaison between intern and County.
Intern Placement. ConXion will work with County to insure correct placement of intern. Each PSI intern will have a specific job description. Once placed, there will be a formal understanding between County, ConXion, and the intern, including a clear understanding of the obligations and responsibilities of all parties.

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